WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Weekends represent the best part of the week for most of us— no matter the season! Some go back home and others just take the time to relax and explore the city. Whatever you choose to do, there’s no denying this is the time to strut a more relaxed and casual look, the most distinctive mark of weekend wear. This Fashionista is showing off what I consider the ideal outfit for these laid back days.

The Converse sneakers have been a hit for decades because they are as comfortable as footwear gets and they are so versatile (some edgy couples even use them in their weddings).

Though I’ve praised denim jeans before, this time I want to draw your attention to a trend this Fashionista told me was one of her favorites: stretchable denim jeans. Once again, comfortable and stylish are the words to define this type of jean, a fresh change from the skinny model. Several brands have been focusing on this hit, making it easier to find the perfect pair without the fuss we girls usually create. I especially liked the top this Fashionista chose because it recalls the navy style, very appropriate for summertime. However, you should be careful— personally speaking, I always find horizontal stripes make me bigger than I am.

When examining her accessories, this Fashionista told me she always opts for more inconspicuous pieces during the weekend. A silver necklace, a pair of the classical Aviator sunglasses and a watch to keep an eye on the time.

One Simple Change: If you happen to be experiencing a rainy day, put on a pair of boots and a trench coat and there’ll be no weather condition stopping you from rocking these trends.

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