WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Night Out

I apologize to all of my Fashionistas out there. I’ve been neglecting you all, but the Fashionistos on campus have really been killing it. Seriously, I swear everywhere I look I see men dressed to the nines. Campus has become a lot more interesting. But I did want to find one special Fashionisto, one who stood out from the everyday classy ensembles.

This Fashionisto stuck out like a sore thumb, rather in a good way though. His ensemble is textbook for a winter night out. It’s not easy to pick out what is my favorite piece of this, but if I had to I would say the black leather jacket steals the show. One can never go wrong with a black leather jacket. It’s the classic bad boy/bad girl emblem. The intricate detailing on this particular one gives it a fresh feel; it’s not your generic leather jacket. Pairing the jacket with some classic wash denim was the right move in this case. It keeps the look from being too overwhelming and gives it just the right laid-back touch. His boots are also a standout piece. They are almost rugged looking, giving this ensemble even more edge than it already had. By accessorizing with a hardware detailed belt and a Burberry plaid scarf, this Fashionisto puts his ensemble above and beyond the rest.

Planning a winter night out of your own? I have got the perfect fashionable finds for you. This first find from H&M is a great wallet friendly option. It looks just like many higher priced leather jackets, but is affordable. Black is always a great color for leather jackets and this one features some interesting decorative zipper details with a lighter weight fit. If you’re looking for a warmer option, than this GUESS jacket is for you. The faux leather and wool mix is great for winter nights and gives a cool variation of textures. You will have to pay a higher price for the added warmth though. Both options will bring you the best of both the classy world and the edgy world. So whichever you choose you won’t go wrong.

One Simple Change: Have plans for a fancy date night before you head out on the town? Transition this ensemble with no problem. Ditch the shades and make sure to wear a nice button-down shirt underneath your leather jacket. Then, when you’ve arrived at your destination, make sure to ditch the coat and scarf. And there you have it fancy date night and a winter night out all in one sleek ensemble.

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