Heat brings out the best and worst of the summer. The sweltering waves that come through College Park have been brutal, to say the least. The weather creates an especially difficult experience for those trying to get in exercise. So what’s the best defense to ditching a workout in the hot weather? Having a super cute outfit to wear while doing it! And this week, I bumped into a Fashionista doing just that.

This Fashionista made the smartest style choice by choosing pieces suitable for everyday wear. Her top, made in a polo cut, allows her to look professional, while also wicking away sweat. Her shorts by Under Armour add another dimension to her look, functionality. Finally, her sneakers by Nike give her that extra bit of support to get through her arduous workout. This Fashionista completed her ensemble with accessories that help her fight off the day’s heat. Her leopard print sunglasses by Liz Claiborne protect her eyes and face and her Longchamp handbag serves its purpose by carrying both books and workout gear, keeping up with this Fashionista’s college lifestyle.

Although fitting in gym time during this beautiful season can be hard, try to focus on the rewarding feeling of a cool shower after a hot workout to stay motivated. Plus, it helps you keep that beach body all summer long.

One Simple Change: To change this into an outfit appropriate for the beach, switch out this Fashionista’s workout top and shorts for a swimsuit, like this vintage-inspired one by Wildfox. The unique look of this bathing suit will create an eye-catching look that you’ll be excited to wear even on days when you’re feeling less inclined to wear a bikini.

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