Exercising in the morning has always been my favorite time of the day to get it done. This leaves the rest of the day to get your work done, and when time allows, to relax. You automatically feel ten times better about your whole day if you work out in the morning. Later, you can run all the errands you need without feeling guilty about trying to squeeze your work out in.

I caught this Fashionsita wearing a full Lululemon ensemble on the way back from her morning workout! She sported cropped yoga pants with a loose T-shirt and a gray circle scarf. She wore an adorable pair of Nike sneakers and a Marc Jacobs crossbody bag. She was on her way to finish up some last minute errands and she wore a great outfit to do so. After her daily exercise, she threw on a scarf to make it look like she didn’t just leave the gym. Work out clothes can be comfortable, but also fashionable!

Wearing sneakers that match virtually anything is the way to go. A great pair of running shoes like this Nike pair are great. Usually all yoga pants and leggings are black or gray, so incorporating those colors into your everyday work out shoe is awesome. An absolute favorite of mine are the lululemon run inspire crops. They come in so many different colors and are the perfect running leggings. I love to pair a colorful racerback with my leggings to complete my running look!

One Simple Change: You could easily wear this outfit for a day full of shopping! You want to be most comfortable when you know you’ll be walking around all day. This is a perfect way to get the job done.

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