“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Any way you phrase it, there’s nothing better than the feeling you get after finishing a workout. I’ve always lived by the philosophy that exercise is something you should do because you love your body, not because you want to punish it. So why not take it a step further and look great while getting in shape? As fashion lovers, we know that having a great outfit can get us excited for any occasion, even if it is just going to the gym or on a run.

I came across this Fashionista out for a run and thought she looked adorable with her fishtailed braids and coordinating Under Armour outfit. Neon colors seem to be a big trend among exercise gear right now and I love the way this Fashionista combined the vibrant blue of her shirt with the sleekness of black in her leggings and shoes. The neon adds some excitement while the black keeps it from being too overwhelming.

While it may seem silly to spend money on things you’re just going to sweat in, having the right gear really can make all the difference. Nike’s DriFIT collection is specifically designed to wick away sweat to keep you cool and comfortable. Lululemon knows that different activities require different needs, be it yoga, running or cycling, and created gear perfectly suited for each. Even Victoria’s Secret has jumped on the fitness train with adorable workout clothes that you’ll feel much more confident in than your usual T-shirt and leggings.

One Simple Change: By swapping the fitted tee for an oversized and off-the-shoulder sweater, this Fashionista’s outfit would be easy and comfortable for a long day of traveling.


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