You have probably been working for that beach bod’ you promised to obtain since the beginning of the year. Maybe working out was part of your New Year’s resolution yet you eventually gave up on it after a couple weeks, or even days. Or maybe, you have¬†been working hard for the amazing body that you already have! Either way, when going to the gym, your attire is probably the least of your concerns.

When going to the gym, you will probably wear whatever it is that makes you feel the most comfortable while working out. To you, it may not be important to come up with an outfit because choosing what to wear is fairly easy; almost like common sense. Hopefully, none of you ever consider wearing jeans or any other clothes that were not made to work out.

Workout gear is fun and this week’s Fashionista is here to prove it! Her neon striped tank top is bright and comfortable. I like the choice of color of the tank top because it stands out, which is what makes this Fashionista’s attire fun. Wearing a tank top like this Fashionista’s to the gym is not your only option; you can wear it for more than one occasion. Now, let’s not forget about the classic, black leggings. They are always your best (and probably only) option if you decide to wear something other than shorts. Whether leggings or yoga pants, make sure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing- that is all that matters. Have a happy and exhaustive workout!

One Simple Change:¬†Like I mentioned above, the tank top this week’s Fashionista wore can be worn for multiple occasions. For a casual day on campus, you can always wear a similar tank top with shorts or jeans.

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