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Question from Kellen: For those studying abroad this summer in Europe what summer staples should I plan to pack?

My Advice: I can't think of anything I enjoy more than traveling to Europe in the summer. And, for those of you with the opportunity to study there, I am beyond jealous! With that being said, Europe is bustling with culture and it seems people there put more of an emphasis on fashion. Our “Fashion from Abroad” column has allowed readers to see glimpses each week of sartorial photos from all over Europe and what the hip trendsetters are wearing. I recommend taking a gander at that to prepare yourself for all the visual excitement you are about to experience.

As far as packing goes, think functional pieces that are lightweight, wrinkle resistant material, and can travel with you from place to place. Wherever you are studying, chances are you will visit other destinations on the weekend and packing and unpacking will become a reoccurring activity. Also, Europe in the summer can get hot so keeping that in mind is very important.

The key items I recommend for a Fashionista studying abroad are:

Denim shorts-The length/color is your choice. Just find a pair you love, feel comfortable in and can wear all the time.

Maxi dresses-This can double as a maxi skirt with a jacket or blouse thrown over it. Also, it's refreshing to wear something loose when the heat is unbearable. 

White T-shirt and tank-both are essential. Chances are you will find yourself switching off between the two every other day so it's important to have both sleeve lengths to choose from.

Little black dress– Europe has the best nightlife and you will surely find yourself going out on a regular basis. Having an LBD to pair with sky-high heels or studded sandals is something not to leave out of your suitcase. It's versatile and will come in handy!

Statement jewelry– When you are absolutely exhausted from the limited amount of clothes you packed your jewelry will be your lifesaver. Head to Forever 21 and pick up a bunch of fun necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings to constantly switch things up.

Comfortable shoes– This is up to you. I love oxfords for sightseeing and walking around Europe but that might not be the best option for you. Find a shoe that is fashionable, comfortable and lightweight. 

Enjoy your summer in Europe, Fashionistas, and be sure to send us Twitter updates on your favorite trends while there!

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