What to Wear

Question from Deanne: What are 5 essentials a Fashionista should have in her summer beach bag?

My Answer: We are all jazzed that summer is finally here! Beach bag essentials are key for any Fashionista/o heading out for a day of relaxtion. Below is a list of 5 things I believe to be most beneficial when lounging in the sand and sun.

1. Sunglasses- While I have an abundant number of shades, my personal favorite are a cateye style by Dries Van Noten. I wear them so much, they have become part of my signature look. Find a pair of sunglasses that compliments your face and style to create your own signature look.

2. Lush oversized beach towel- When laying on the beach you want plenty of towel space to spread out comfortably. Don't cheat yourself out of a blissful day with a small, dinky towel. Turn towards a larger beach towel like Missoni's (splurge) towel collection or one from Steve Madden's (save) collection. A fun pattern also allows your friends to spot you in the sea of sun seekers on the sand.

3. Your favorite book- There is nothing like a good summer read. Enjoy the serenity of the beach atmosphere with a great book. My recommendations: One Day, Something Borrowed, Bringing Home The Birkin and for a more serious option, The Rise and Fall of the House Barneys or House of Versace. 

4. Sunscreen towelettes- Getting a tan is fabulous but protecting your skin is even more important. Sun poisoning is never in style. Try sunscreen towelettes for a hassle free option.

5. Rubber flip flops- I never bring my designer sandals to the beach. The beach is an ideal time to disregard your footwear for once and opt for a pair of budget friendly rubber flip flops that can withstand a day of sand and surf.  

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