What to Wear

Question from Jamie: The first day of school for us is rapidly approaching and I'm completely clueless as to what to wear!! All my classmates seem to have it figured out, but I'm lost. HELP!!

My Answer: Dressing for your first day of school always brings around anxiety as if you are making the most clothing decision of your life. It's your chance to show off all your new fall clothing plus impress your friends who you haven't seen in months. Everyone wants to look their best and planning the perfect outfit can be quite stressful.

My first bit of advice would be to take a couple deep breaths. Know that no matter what outfit you wear, your friends will still be ecstatic to see you and your crush most likely won't think twice about your overly planned look. With that fresh attitude now begin to coordinate your first day look.

Determine if you want to go for a feminine style by wearing your favorite skirt or daytime dress, that girl next door cool with denim and a basic T-shirt, or a different unique persona. Figure out your personal style and build off that. Sometimes I find myself trying to play up too many styles and my look turns into a smorgasborg. Keep a clear vision in mind.

Next, once the concept you are going for has been nailed down, plan the execution. Shop your own closet and figure out what pieces you have to complete your look. If you are going for a "70s show inspired ensemble, see if you have bell bottom pants and a cropped top. Before you run to purchase something new, determine what you already have that can work. Digging into your mother's accessories box can be a great way to add character to your first day of school look without blowing all your summer earnings.

After you have shopped your own closet, hit your favorite boutiques to get the finishing touches to your look. Then try it all on, take a polaroid or iPhone shot and double check that your satisified with your outfit.

Whether you go for a prep school Fashionista look or a punk rock princess inspired ensemble, get ready for a fun, fashionable semester. We will bring you advice all term long!

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