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Question from Jade: How can I wear a maxi dress or skirt casually for lectures? And what's the best way to wear them this time of year when it's still cold out? With chunky cardigans? Leather jackets? With boots? Brogues? Help!

My Advice: Maxi dresses and skirts can easily be worn year round. If anything, I think this piece is perfect for colder weather. It gets you out of your regular denim/leggings combination and into something a bit more feminine. To make this look more casual, pair it with more relaxed pieces. For example, a maxi skirt looks effortlessly chic with a basic T-shirt. I always opt for a white T-shirt with my maxi skirts. It's a piece I am certain most college students both own and live in. To really stay warm and dodge the brutal weather, layer over your T-shirt. I am a flannel queen so most outfits I wear consist of a flannel shirt paired with something else. I absolutely love the grungy meets girly combination of a maxi skirt and flannel. 

Maxi dresses can also be dressed down and worn to class just like a maxi skirt. Try throwing on an oversized sweater with your maxi dress to let the maxi dress peak throw your sweater. I usually recommend when wearing oversized pieces with something tailored. The straight-feel of your maxi dress will hug your body while your oversized sweater does what it does best and just hangs.

Definitely don't be afraid of wearing maxi garments to class. And the best thing about a maxi dress or skirt is that shoes don't matter (well, they don’t matter as much). I commonly wear my maxi skirts with a chunky Sam Edelman boot and also with my Alexander Wang oxfords. It really depends on how you are feeling that day and obviously the weather conditions.

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