What to Wear

Question from Kate: White seems to be the "it" color of the season. How would you recommend wearing this light color to class? 

My Advice: You are spot on that white is a must-have color this season. Alexander Wang sent loads of white down the runway in his spring 2011 collection as did Ralph Lauren with his western inspired theme looks. With that being said, white is one of those colors you need to be careful wearing, especially to class and running around campus. This season, for daytime wear, I am all about long white airy skirts and white pants. When wearing white I always travel with a Tide stick stain remover or a sweater to throw on just in case coffee happens to spill on my garments.

As for the top, pair your white bottoms with a bleached out basic. If you have a silk white blouse from last season, tuck it into your white skirt or wear it loose with your white pants. If you go to school in chillier weather, you can even layer on a white cardigan in addition to all your other white pieces. I love the look of white layered on white and it totally works for the classroom.

Show off your light side in this seasons "it" color. Interpret this trend however you feel most comfortable!

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