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Question from Renee: I go to West Virginia University and my Spring Break is March 27th. I am going to Mexico with friends and need help packing! What should I bring in my small, small suitcase?

My Advice: I am constantly traveling so packing is my forte. As a Fashionista it's hard to travel light and have diversity in your wardrobe. Chances are you are going on Spring Break for a week so that's seven days and six nights of fashion forward outfits. You happen to be in luck because traveling to a warmer climate is always easier then traveling to cooler destination. I would recommend centering your wardrobe around swimsuit and daytime ensembles. I like packing all neutral swimsuits and jazzing things up with my poolside cover-ups. This allows you to pack only a couple suits and to constantly look different through the use of thin, colorful cover-ups. A LA-based designer and close personal friend of mine, Christine Graza, makes light wraps that are always in my suitcase when traveling to tropical places. If you aren't a dress/wrap kind of girl, then turn towards sheer pants and denim shorts to conceal your swimsuit when walking the beach. Whatever cover-up you pack, make sure it can also be worn during the day sans swimsuit in case you aren't in the mood to have a pool/beach day.

For eveningwear, pack items that are breathable and don't wrinkle. The clubs in Mexico can get quite steamy so layered sequins and thick clothes are better left in your dorm. I like cotton maxi skirts (like this one from Express) with thin camisoles for evenings out in Mexico. A pashmina can act as the perfect shawl when it's chilly at night and can easily be thrown in your purse when dancing the night away. I highly suggest staying away from denim when going out to party. There is nothing like sweaty denim stuck your legs to ruin an evening with the girls. Bohemian-styled dresses and floral frocks are idealistic evening options for a Fashionista on Spring Break. I always pack the exact number of evening pieces I need in order to limit complications when it comes to dressing. So if you are there for six nights, pack exactly six evening outfits.

Most importantly, limit heavy garments and chunky shoes to avoid your suitcase from being weighed down. While I never encourage you to ditch your style, don't let your fashion consume your trip too much to the point of not having fun.

And rule #1, for spring break and life in general, slutty is never in season. Let loose, have fun, but remain a class act. Remember: What happens in Spring Break ends up on Facebook. So don't make a choice, fashion or otherwise, you will regret!

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