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Question from Sarah: I'm going to New York for an interview for a summer internship. I definitely want to be professional, but since it's a fashion position I'm wondering how "fun" I can be? I have a pair of black skinny cropped slacks and I'm on the hunt for the perfect shirt. Also, what about shoes? Is a slightly open toed shoe appropriate or should I stick with closed toe?

My Advice: Great questions Sarah! I always error on the side of professional when interviewing simply because you can never go wrong with a conservative look. At the Chicago WhoWhatWear book signing, Hilary Kerr had a discussion how inappropriate it is when interns dress overly fashionable at internships. As a power player in the industry, I think her advice and opinion is something worth noting.

To modify your current look I would get a white blouse (silk optional) and it keep it classic, simple and chic all at once. Equipment makes the best blouses in my opinion. A bit pricey but I am white blouse girl so it's totally worth the investment. LOFT also houses great white blouses at a more affordable price point. Add a leopard belt because it shows flair but it's too flashy.
Stick with a closed toe shoe. It gives a cleaner, more polished look. 

As for accessories, a watch serves a duel purpose. It shows you are timely and acts as a great accessory. Just don’t get caught looking at it during an interview! It will come across like you have somewhere better to be. Along the same lines, I would always avoid rings and bracelets when I use to interview for internships simply because it can be distracting to the interviewer when you nervously playing with your jewelry.

You are going to nail it! No top or shoe can replace the ultimate accessory: confidence. Confidence is what seals the deal. Make the interviewer feel that they can't live without having you apart of their company. That, above your outfit and resume, will resonate far more with the employer and hopefully land you the gig.

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