What to Wear

Question: What is the most versatile piece of clothing you currently own in your wardrobe?

My Advice: The answer to this question is a no brainer- my T by Alexander Wang off white V-neck shirt. Having the luxury of working from my apartment/office I find myself wearing this T-shirt 5 days in a row. It's comfortable, fashionable and my obsession at the moment. A couple weeks back I did a “How-To” feature for ThinkThruFashion showing 3 different ways to wear this basic. From the feature you can how versatile a basic T-shirt can truly be. I can veg on my couch and blog away in this T-shirt with nothing other then a pair of comfy jeans or I can quickly throw on a pencil skirt, tuck my T-shirt in and wear it to a meeting. I even find myself wearing this oversized basic out on the weekend with leather pants or a maxi skirt. While the price tag sits at roughly $84 (kind of high for a basic) I can’t emphasis more the importance of investing in a great basic. It allows me to make plenty of outfits around this casual piece. So, I hope that answers your question. A basic T-shirt is key!

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