We are excited to give you a sneak peek at a new column launching this January. Every college student has certain events that come up in their day-to-day life. Class. Football games. Spring break. Finals. WHAT TO WEAR is all about giving you inspiration on what to wear when dressing for those specific occasions.

Like most college students, when heading to bunker down at the library, all I am thinking about is three things. One: how many shots of espresso will I need? Two: how am I supposed to carry all these books? Three: how do I look chic while still being comfortable for the long day (and night) ahead?

This Fashionista illustrates the key to dressing for the library. The first key is layering. Is it just me or does the library always have a thirty degree range of temperatures in a given day? One second you are freezing and the next you wish you packed a bikini because you are sweating so much. The take home point—be prepared! She started off with jeggings and a basic T-shirt. Topping the look with an oversized flannel (or a men's flannel) is a great way to keep yourself warm without all that extra bulk.

The second key is to use small details to make an outfit pop. While the pieces of this Fashionista’s outfit are rather basic, the metal grommets add a great deal of interest to the look. Have a favorite flannel you love? Try adding some grommets or studs yourself for a little D.I.Y. study break.

Finally, make sure you wear proper footwear. Heels and wedges have no place in the library. Instead of focusing on how much your feet hurt, you should be concentrating on math equations or Spanish vocabulary. Try a pair of flat, leather boots like this Fashionista so your feet and look don't look tired.

One Simple Change: To take this look from the library to a casual night out with friends, switch out the flannel for a leather bomber jacket.

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