Most of us grew up with grandmothers telling us that there are a few key rules that must never be break. Don’t chew with your mouth full, always be five minutes early for everything, but most of all not to wear white after Labor Day. But as any good Fashionista knows rules are meant to be broken and they show that white can be worn all year round!This Fashionista proves that white can look chic during the cold months by pairing a cute white summer dress with a rocker leather jacket. The full skirt of the dress paired with the edge of the leather jacket adds the perfect spice to a sweet outfit. This edge means that this outfit would be perfect for anything from hitting South Beach or going out to a nice dinner with the family.

The main rule for wearing white after Labor Day is that it needs to be paired with fall dark colors not summer brights. For example take the white jeans that you wore with a tank during the summer and instead choose a gray sweater.

Living in Miami, white is a must have all year round. Not only does it show the tan that you can only get in Miami, but it matches the carefree and glamorous vibe that Miami has all year round. Not wearing white in Miami is much more of a crime than wearing it in winter.

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