TREND: Who Says You Can’t Wear White?

With a new school year approaching and summer slowly becoming a distant memory, many of us have mixed feelings. While we are excited to move back and reunite with our friends after a long summer away, many of us are dreading the monotony of classes to begin and for the entire cycle of cramming and test taking to restart. Regardless of what feeling is outweighing the other at the moment, there is something to be said for the start of a new school year in terms of attire. I always find that my favorite time to wear clothes is this time of year, for you can still dress in your favorite summer pieces and colors, yet mix in the approaching seasons new trends to create for a polished and updated look. 

This Fashionisto does just this in a way that comes of as casual and cool, perfect for the first week back on campus. He wisely pairs an oxford shirt from his summer wardrobe with a navy blue cardigan from his fall wardrobe (both by J.Crew), giving the look a perfect balance that is completely transitional. By tying in a pair of fitted white jeans, the look is suave and trendy without being overkill or breaking the no white after Labor Day rule too severely, as the pants are paired with pieces that are a darker color on top, making the contrast completely acceptable.

Hint: With outfits like this that can sometimes be perceived as overly preppy, make sure to incorporate at least one piece or accessory that is more urban. Try some industrial boots like these from John Varvatos. Not only do they bring the look down from the bright pant, but additionally, they make for a fresh shoe that adds a hint of hipster cool as well, turning the swag of the whole look all the way up. 

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