Style Guru Bio: Devon Savage

Fashion for me is the perfect form of expression and escape.

Being fashionable is a lifestyle. It’s something that you must devote yourself to completely. But first, it must start from within. Then, and only then, will it be able to effectively be conveyed on the outside. Fashion is art, and we are the canvas. Everyday it’s our job to “paint the picture." My taste in fashion is extremely diverse, but also very very specific. Free and ever evolving are two things that you could say to describe my personal style. I love the avant-garde aesthetic. I also love androgyny, I love for there to be questions in gender with fashion. 

The picture that you see here, what I like to so boldly call an installation, is a direct product of different things I've had to deal with in the past few weeks. It's entitled, "Money Changes Everything" after the Cyndi Lauper song. The inspiration came after I read a quote by Andy Warhol that said:

" If you're not making money with your art, you have to say it's art. If you are, you have to say it's something else."

The dollar sign "hat" is a replica of a creation by the iconic milliner Philip Treacy taken from his 2003 couture collection. He himself of course based it off Warhol's design. The skeleton glove symbolizes the struggle, prosecution,  and pain that we all must endure to make what we individually consider to be "art"

My name is Devon Savage and I am elated to be your Virginia Commonwealth University Style Guru!

Oh, One more thing! Howsabout you check out my personal blog, "Proper Savage A conceptual blog celebrating FASHION and ART in all it's many forms."

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