TREND: Winter Florals

Just because summer has come to an end does not mean that all your summer fun has to! Keep your spirits high by adding floral to your fall and winter wardrobe. Winter florals allow you to keep the Floridian lifestyle without looking over the top.This Fashionista is wearing a navy and white floral dress. The dress is slightly backless, which makes her floral dress not only sexy but also modern. She pairs the dress with a sunhat, perfect for Miami’s sun and a cute pair of nude wedges that elongate her legs.

When I think of florals all that comes to mind are some awful Sunday dresses my grandmother use to force me to wear. But winter florals are a completely different story. Winter florals add an edge to your grandmother’s old dresses by adding darks and interlacing patterns to the summer flowers. Florals are no longer old fashion and boring, as many fashion designers have been recently proving. There are great winter florals dresses no matter what budget you’re on from J. Crew to Alexander McQueen. And the best thing about winter florals is that you can wear them while staying on a budget. By taking your spring and summer floral clothes and pairing them with winter accessories you can make the perfect outfit. Simply adding tights, a winter jacket, and a cute pair of ankle boots can transform your summer barbecue dress into the perfectly trendy fall outfit.

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