TREND: Your Legs Will Thank You

When I was little, I hated tights; I thought they were restrictive, uncomfortable and ugly. I kept this belief right up until last year, when I discovered the wonder and convenience of modern tights. Recently, tights have come to the forefront of trends with a variety of patterns, textures, materials and colors, which were previously unavailable (and more importantly, unfashionable). This Fashionista models the modern marvel that are fashion tights with her vertical-striped nylons.

Tights can be worn with many things, such as skirts, shorts, dresses and tunics. The even better part is that tights can now be used as an accessory! Personally, I love patterned tights (which I’m wearing right now!), especially cute floral patterns. This Fashionista’s striped tights are super edgy and unique. The vertical stripe elongates the leg, making them flattering for all figures.

This Fashionista also exemplifies the shorts-and-tights trend, which has been all over campus lately. It allows more freedom of movement while showing off your fashion tights!

Finally, this Fashionista’s red cowboy boots are the perfect punch at the end of a great outfit. They offer fashion, fun and warmth! Cowboy boots are best worn out of context (as in without other western inspired pieces) like this Fashionista did. So try out the fashion tights trend, Fashionistas! Your legs will thank you.

Hint: Still think tights are uncomfortable? Try a low-rise pair, rather than the normal control top ones.  Your stomach will thank you.

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